We're a full-season vendor at Farmers Market Ogden

We're a full-season vendor at Farmers Market Ogden

We’re excited to announce that El Manor Ave is a vendor ALL SUMMER LONG at Farmers Market Ogden. If you’re in Utah, come see us and all of the other local vendors on Historic 25th Street every Saturday.
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We’re excited to announce that El Manor Ave is a vendor ALL SUMMER LONG at Farmers Market Ogden. If you’re in Utah, come see us and all of the other local vendors on Historic 25th Street every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. through September 10.

This event is going to be incredible. We’ve never done an event this large before, so we’re a little nervous, but we know that only good things will come from it. 

We’ve successfully completed two weeks of the 16 week run, and we can’t wait for the next event.

Farmers Market Ogden is the largest farmers market in the Ogden area, featuring fresh produce, local growers, local musicians, baked goods, artisan goods and crafts, local artists, and small businesses such as ourselves. They also hold community yoga at the nearby park each morning. It's a great atmosphere for buying and selling local products!

Where we’re located at the Ogden Farmers Market

You can find us all summer long on Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden, Utah. We’re located between Union Station and Lincoln Avenue, right in front of the Two-Bit Street Café and the Gift House pawn shop. 

How the market has gone so far

We recently made it through our second weekend of the market, and we’ve already experienced so much!

The first event, May 28, 2022

The first Farmers Market Ogden event of the season greeted us with heavy wind gusts during setup at 6 a.m., and incessant rain throughout the remainder of the morning. 

To prepare for the event, we spent hours waterproofing our canopy and sealing the seams so that our shirts would stay dry. 

While we succeeded in our efforts, some of our tablecloths and personal bags did get wet thanks to water running down the street. 

Despite the rain, we had our best in-person market date thus far! 

Our second weekend at the market, June 4, 2022

The second weekend brought warm weather and sunshine. Not only did we surpass our sales totals from the first weekend, but we met so many awesome people. We loved chatting with everyone about our graphic t-shirt designs, about music, and just life in general.

We made some slight changes to our tent setup, and we expect that more changes will come as we figure out what works and what doesn’t.

We can’t wait for week three!

There appeared to be more northern Utah vendors at this market than the previous week, including mouth-watering donuts just two or three spaces down from us.

Why come to the market versus buying online?

Buying from us online is by far the easiest way to order a graphic t-shirt. You don’t have to leave your house, and we’ll ship the products to you.

However, visiting us in-person saves you shipping costs, plus you’ll get a reusable El Manor Ave shopping bag while supplies last. We’re also handing out 15% OFF coupon codes for online orders if you pick up a 1-page catalog.

Best of all, you get to meet Justin and I and talk with us about whatever you want, while also supporting dozens of other local businesses and artists from the Ogden and Salt Lake City area who are at the market.

I’m a business owner, is it too late to sign up?

Applications are closed for the summer market, but you can check out the Ogden Downtown Alliance website to see when they open it up for the fall market.

About El Manor Ave

El Manor Ave is an online clothing brand based out of Utah. Established in 2021, we specialize in affordable, high-quality apparel grounded in reality. 

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