How To Look More Muscular In T-Shirts

How To Look More Muscular In T-Shirts

Tired of your shirts fitting like trash bags? Here are some tips on how to find the perfect shirt and how to look more muscular in t-shirts.

If you’re clicking on this article, you’re probably tired of all your shirts fitting like trash bags. We’ve seen many companies selling $50 plain shirts that don’t fit anywhere close to what’s advertised. 

We have some tips that will help you find the perfect shirt, and how to look bigger in the shirts you currently own.

Finding the perfect size

The first tip, and the most important, is to find the right fitting shirts. When it comes to finding the perfect shirt size, you need to make sure it’s not too big or too small. A shirt that’s too big will fit you like a trash bag, even if it’s fitted. On the other hand, a shirt too small will look like plastic wrap on your body, making you look absurd. 

The correct shirt will be slim while having a good length, and it will have fitted arm holes with a length between your mid-bicep and the top of your bicep. 

A key point to watch for when finding well-suited shirts are side seams. When a shirt has no side seams running down the torso, it means the shirt was made to fit a large cylinder; you’re not a cylinder, are you? Having side seams allows the shirt to be shaped to your body.

Knowing the difference of shirt neck styles

Another quality tip is knowing the difference between the neck styles. 

The most versatile of the neck styles is the crewneck. The crewneck is a classic that offers a slender, masculine, yet minimalistic approach. 

A second neck style to try out is the V-neck. The V-neck has become many people's favorite neck style due to it looking masculine and aesthetic. V-necks show off more upper chest and neck than the crewneck, which helps your chest and shoulders appear larger. 

Certain shirt colors make you look bigger

A less important piece of advice, in my opinion, is that certain colors make your physique look bigger. Dark shirts naturally have a slimming effect, which can be great. However, if you’re at a very low body fat percentage, it could make you look leaner than your liking. 

Brighter shirts, however, naturally make you appear bulkier, with more muscle definition. Brighter shirts definitely give me more muscle definition than dark, but I’m not sure how large of an effect the color difference makes. It may be worth playing around with.

Rolling your sleeves to the right arm length

A recommendation that can be used on all t-shirts is the rolling the sleeves trick. If your t-shirt arm sleeves aren’t sitting at upper mid, or the top of your bicep, then rolling the sleeves will help. 

You want to roll your sleeves up to the top of your bicep, that way the bicep will pop rather than being hidden. Another thing to add is slightly rolling the sleeve up higher next to your tricep, that way the tricep long head looks like it has more depth making your whole arm appear larger. No matter how high you roll the shirt up, the best option is still to buy a shirt that fits you perfectly.

Start working out

One of my biggest suggestions for looking more muscular in shirts is simple; start working out. 

Working out can help you fill out those shirts that are too big for your body, while possibly giving you a more masculine frame. 

Biceps and triceps are two muscle groups that should be focused on. Growing your biceps and triceps will help fill out the sleeves, while also providing something to show when you roll up those sleeves. Two muscle groups that have a huge impact on getting an aesthetic V taper, are the back and shoulders. Wider shoulders will not only give an illusion that you’re bigger than you actually are, they will also make the waist appear slimmer. 

Increasing the size of your back muscles will make you look stronger, give an illusion of a smaller waist, and will make your shirt fit tighter to your body. 

Another muscle to work on is the chest, more specifically the upper chest. A large upper chest will make your chest look fuller, but also make you look bigger when wearing V-necks or any low neck style shirts. If you’re lean another option is to just bulk up and increase your body fat percentage, to give off a fuller look.

Having great posture makes you appear more muscular

A great tip to mention, and something anyone should practice, is superb posture. Having great posture has always been a sign of high confidence, as well as having potential health and appearance benefits.

One of the many benefits of posture is that it will make you appear taller and stronger. According to Harvard Health Publishing, “Poor posture does far more than just affect how you look when you are standing or sitting. It can reduce your strength, impair your balance, and potentially lead to other physical problems over time.” 

Everyone knows that sticking your chest out will make you look more masculine and confident. But it will also make your shoulders look broader and the chest more swole.

Closing thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to look more muscular in t-shirts. If you’re looking for some tees that meet these guidelines, we have a great selection of mens clothing that you’ll love.

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