Can you wear loungewear in public?

Can you wear loungewear in public?

Is it inconvenient when you’re dressed for a relaxing day and you have a last minute errand to run? It can be troublesome to go from relaxing to getting changed to head out. 

There are so many ways to upgrade your wardrobe so that you look phenomenal even on your day to relax. I’ll be sharing clothing items as well as some accessories to add to your outfits to help level up your lazy day wear.

Is it inconvenient when you’re dressed for a relaxing day and you have a last minute errand to run? It can be troublesome to go from relaxing to getting changed to head out. 

A question people often ask is "Can I wear loungewear in public?" The answer is yes, but there's a right and wrong way to wearing loungewear out and about.

There are so many ways to upgrade your loungewear so that you'll look phenomenal even on your day to relax.

I’ll be sharing some tips on clothing items as well as accessories to add to your mens loungewear outfits to help level up your lazy day wear.

Loungewear mistakes

One of the biggest loungewear mistakes is wearing pajamas out in public. While these are comfortable, sleepwear wasn't made for wearing out. There are many alternatives to wearing pajama pants or sweatpants to the store that are still extremely comfortable.

Comfortable tees for lounging or going out

T-shirts are something you can wear year round and on most occasions. When it comes to t-shirts the best way to look better in them is to wear a great fitting shirt. Finding a shirt that’s slim with a length suitable for your body is the goal. 

You should also check for arms holes that have a length between your mid-bicep and the top, as well as side seams. A slim shirt with a great length, perfect arm holes, and side seams will automatically improve your outfit. 

Now that you know what to look for in terms of size, next is figuring out what t-shirts to get. Some of my favorites are plain tees, graphic tees, and athletic tees.

Plain tees are the most versatile, they can look great on all occasions. You can get plain tees in  different neck styles such as crewnecks and v-necks. Crewnecks are classy and have a minimalistic approach. V-necks are minimalistic as well while having a more aesthetic look. Plain tees also come in almost any color. Whether you are going out or staying at home, there will be a color to match your outfit. 

Athletic tees are another great option as well as versatile. My favorite athletic tee is made of a blend of polyester, acrylic, rayon and spandex. They’re very comfortable, they look nice, lightweight, and traps body warmth while wicking moisture. They can be used as loungewear for relaxing at home, jogging, hiking, as well as just going out. 

Finding unique high quality graphic tees are another great option to level up your lazy day wear. You can get graphic tees that have meanings behind them, as well as supporting your favorite companies. I always get compliments and asked about where I bought my shirt when I wear graphic tees.

If you’re interested in some unique high quality graphic tees or plain tees, we have some excellent choices of mens clothing that you’ll enjoy. Our graphic tees are high quality screen prints and digital prints on a premium cotton and polyester blended tee.

Long sleeve shirts

Wearing nice, quality long sleeve shirts is another way to improve your loungewear.

If you want to wear some long sleeves during the colder months, there are many options such as athletic thermal long sleeves. My favorite athletic thermal long sleeves are the same material as the athletic tee listed above. They’re really comfortable for your lazy days but look really nice. They can be worn to workout in, as an underlayer, or however needed. 

A basic solid long sleeve shirt can also look really good. You can wear them in any situation. They’re classy, masculine, and minimalistic. You can find solid, basic long sleeves at your local department stores such as JCPenney or Macy’s.


It's time to ditch the sweat pants, pajama bottoms, and track pants.

If you’re looking for some comfortable pants that also look really good, then finding a high quality pair of joggers is important. Joggers are great for lazy days as well as fitness-related activities and for going out. If you look at the top fitness influencers and athletes on social media, they all wear joggers. A couple of good brands that sell joggers that could be worth checking out are YoungLA and Live Fit Apparel.

Joggers that are fitted to your body while also having enough stretch to workout are the best. Another thing to love about joggers is that they can have lots of pockets or zip-pockets. It’s nice not having to worry about your phone or wallet slipping out. 


Footwear is a huge part of every outfit. It would be good to have at least one nice pair of sneakers/tennis shoes. A nice pair of sneakers could go with shorts, joggers, or even jeans depending on what style the sneakers are. 

Shoes like Converse or Vans are very versatile. Basketball shoes also go well with joggers, shorts, and jeans. They’re quick and easy to put on and can upgrade your outfit when you leave on your lazy days.

When it starts getting warmer outside, flip flops are a quick option. Flip flops can be worn with tons of outfits, including any style of shorts, jeans, joggers, ect.

Another great option for people who wear jeans on their lazy days is cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are the slippers of boots, as they’re very comfortable and they slip on. They look really nice and can be worn anywhere.


Outerwear is a huge piece of any outfit. Your choice of outerwear may depend upon the seasons and different weather conditions. 

A hoodie or sweatshirt is a must have for all wardrobes, they’re comfortable and easy to throw on. Hoodies fit with almost all outfits and they can be worn for all occasions. You can wear them out, while sitting at home, jogging, the gym outside working, and more. A nice plain hoodie or a hoodie with a high quality graphic should be your go-to. 

Fleece climbing jackets are another fantastic option for leveling up your loungewear. Fleece climbing jackets are insanely warm and comfortable. They’re made for outdoor activities, but look good enough to wear out and cozy enough to wear at home.

Raincoats are a great option to throw on when you have your last minute errand to run on your lazy day. A nice high quality rain jacket looks really good and can be worn with all outfits.


Accessories can easily level up your outfit with zero effort, whether that be a watch, some rings, necklaces, or even hats.

Watches will upgrade any outfit and they’re quick and easy to put on. You’ll look classy and luxurious. If you’re wearing joggers and an oversized hoodie but have a really nice gold or silver watch on, you automatically look like your outfit is expensive. 

A brand with nice affordable watches is Bulova. Bulova has watches at many different price ranges, but I would check your local jewelry stores because you can get some really good deals.

Another option to level up your lazy day outfit is wearing rings. Rings look excellent with any outfit, and you should purchase a variety of rings to wear with different outfits. Between one and three rings is good, anything more could be pushing it. You can get some nice ones at your local jewelry stores or some cheaper stainless steel ones online from companies like rgmnt.

Necklaces are another great addition to your outfit. They can add an extra bit of flair to your outfits, especially when paired with nice solid colored shirts.


Hopefully you have some new ideas on how to look great on your lazy days. Following some of these ideas like having a simple, great fitting plain or graphic tee, some high quality joggers, and how to upgrade your outfit with accessories should help so you don’t have the inconvenience of having to change into something better for a last minute errand, or being caught wearing something you didn’t want to be seen in.

Go out and come up with some of your own great outfits using this guide. The best outfits are the ones you feel the most confident in. 

Let us know over on our social media, if there’s anything that you do to level up your lazy day wear.

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