Pharaoh Sticker

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Pharaoh Sticker

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Spruce up your laptop, notebooks, kayak, water bottle, or practically anything else you'd be willing to put a sticker on with this Egypt-themed illustration of a pharaoh. This 3.5 inch by 5.26 inch sticker was inspired by our interest in ancient Egypt.

About our vinyl stickers

This high-quality vinyl sticker depicts an Egyptian pharaoh surrounded by various other elements including pyramids, the moon, and the Ankh, which represents life.

The pharaoh sticker is made of thick, durable vinyl that has been die cut. In the right conditions, these stickers can last for 3-5 years.

Apply to a clean, smooth surface.

You can put our stickers on almost any surface. However, these stickers use a permanent adhesive. If you remove the stickers later, they will leave behind residue. To remedy this, use an adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol.

A sticker for any occasion

The story behind the sticker

We've always had a fascination with ancient Egypt. From the pyramids to the early irrigation systems and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Ancient Egypt has so much history and interesting culture. The initial concept behind doing a pharaoh sticker started with a sarcophagus that we always saw at an antique store in Tacoma.

We thought that the sarcophagus would make for an interesting shirt or sticker design. This initial concept morphed into the sticker you see today, which celebrates Ancient Egypt as a whole with an elegant and complex design.

Artist's statement

Meet Chelsea

This pharaoh vinyl sticker was designed by Chelsea Simar in 2021 exclusively for El Manor Ave.

You can follow Chelsea's designs on Instagram