Die cut vinyl sticker of the El Manor Ave logo. This features a steller's jay and the words El Manor Ave in blue, white, and black.
Photo of the El Manor Ave logo sticker being held in the woods with fall colors behind it.

El Manor Ave

El Manor Ave Logo Sticker

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Show your support for our business with a 3 inch die-cut vinyl sticker of the El Manor Ave logo. This die-cut vinyl sticker is weatherproof and waterproof, making it the perfect sticker for whatever surface you choose - water bottles, notebooks, laptops, kayaks, etc.

About our vinyl stickers

Share your support for our small business

Share your support for our small business with this vinyl sticker of the El Manor Ave logo. When you purchase something from us, you aren't just another customer. You become part of the EMA family.

The logo sticker is made of thick, durable due cut vinyl. In the right conditions, these stickers can last for 3-5 years.

Apply to a clean, smooth surface.

You can put our stickers on almost any surface. However, these stickers use a permanent adhesive. If you remove the stickers later, they will leave behind residue. To remedy this, use an adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol.

A sticker for any occasion

Spread the word

Do you love El Manor Ave? Do you want to support our efforts to introduce new products? While we don't accept donations to further our dreams (we are a business, after all), you can help us out by purchasing one of our stickers.

This El Manor Ave logo sticker helps us spread the word about our brand and our mission.

Red rose graphic tee shirt from El Manor Ave

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